Dimplex Panel Heaters PLX Range

slimline wall mounted panal heater
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The Heater Range
The Dimplex Panel Heaters PLX convector range of sixteen are known all over the world for their blend-in anywhere style and reliability. They can be used as the main heater and will quicky warm up any room, or they can be set on low and used for background heating only. The ultra-slim construction ensures they are space saving, which makes them a popular choice for large or small areas, especially bathrooms, lobbies and corridors.

They are the perfect choice as add-on heaters in extensions and loft conversions because they are easy to install and cost effective to run. They have been designed to complement domestic or commercial environments and are often specified by architects and interior designers.

Controls and Other Features
All models have on-off switches as well as half heat switches, which can be used in the summer time to step down the power to the heater. They also have a rotary thermostat control that will operate whether the heater is switched to half or full load.

The Dimplex PLX-Ti model has a 24 hour time clock which means that when the timer is set, it will switch ''on and off'' at the same time every day including weekends. The Dimplex PLX-TX model with 7 day time clock is better suited to commercial use because each day can be programmed for different ''on-off'' times if required. This means Saturday and Sunday can be excluded from the switching program if the office is unoccupied.

The 24 hour and 7 day models have over-ride switches that by-pass the time clock and enable the heaters to be switched ''on'' at any time during the ''off'' period, without affecting the regular pre-set programme.

Construction and Finish
The Dimplex Panel Heaters are made of sheet steel with heat resistant moulded parts. They have a removable wall fixing bracket, are pre-wired with flexible cable and have IPX4 splashproof rating. The front and back panels are finished in willow white and the forward looking grille is in birch grey.


 Model Watts  Height Width Depth
PLX500 0.5kw 430mm 450mm 108mm
PLX750 0.75kw 430mm 620mm 108mm
PLX1000 1.0kw 430mm 620mm 108mm
PLX1250 1.25kw 430mm 690mm 108mm
PLX1500 1.5kw 430mm 690mm 108mm
PLX2000 2.0kw 430mm 860mm 108mm
PLX3000 3.0kw 430mm 860mm 143mm



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