Dimplex PFH30R 3kW Wall Fan Heater

Dimplex PFH30R 3kW Compact Fan Heater
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The Dimplex PFH30R 3kW Wall Fan Heater is perfect for use in open indoor areas such as warehouses and depots. But there are many other commercial and industrial areas they will effectively heat. They are wall mounting and multi-directional with a lock-in position screw in the base.

The control switches with thermostat are seperate from the fan. The control has a switched off position, air blow only, 1.5kW half heat setting and 3kW full heat setting. It can be wall fixed below the fan but out of direct sunlight and draughty places. The wiring will involve three and four core cable as indicated below.

Control Wiring: 1.5mm 3 Core cable (not supplied) from mains to the control
Fan Wiring: 1.5mm 4 Core cable (not supplied) from control to the fan
Mounting Height: Between 1.8 and 2.3 metres from the floor
Bracket Adjustment: 40 deg vertical and 120 deg horizontal
Performance: Low noise
Finish: Colour grey
Dimensions: W230 x H378 x D226mm

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