Dimplex OPH Quartz Heaters

Dimplex OPH 2kW Quartz Heater
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The Dimplex OPH13 1.3kW and OPH20 2kW quartz heaters have a quality aluminium housing in two-tone silver. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor dining patios and smoking areas. The rays will only warm people or anything they contact. The space between the heater and customers is not heated and rays cannot blow away on windy days.

Some other suitable areas for installation would be workstations, recreation rooms, shops, pubs and clubs.

Dimplex OPH13: 1.3kW (Two Infrared Elements)
Dimplex OPH20: 2kW (One Halogen Element)
Recommended Mounting Height: 2 to 2.3 metres
Heat Throw at 2M High: (OPH13 - 1.7 metres) (OPH20 - 2 metres)
Heat Spread at 2M High: (OPH13 - 3 metres) (OPH20 - 3.5 metres)
Dimensions: H159 x W594 x D144mm

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