Plug-In Controls

The plug-in table light controller is simple and easy to use. Because there is no wiring involved. They're plugged straight into a 13 amp wall socket. Then the table lights plugged into the controller. There are 24 hours or 7-day options. They have switching pins, a segmented setting dial or button programming. The 24-hour timers switch on at the same times every day. But, the 7-day timers can operate at different times on any day. There is also a plug-in thermostat. They are for use with heaters without integral thermostats. (continued below)

Time Switch Controls

We have immersion heater controls for use with loads up to 3kW. Some of these can also be used for the general purpose switching of lighting and motors. To a degree, they can switch fluorescent tubes, CFLs and GLS lamps. They can all be surface mounted. And in some cases, flush mounted on metal wall boxes.

Trade Time Clocks

This range of time clocks is not for use by the general public. They are for use in commercial and industrial buildings. Danlers controls for lighting are one of the most popular. There is also a range of Timeguard controls. They are simple to program and have transparent windows and covers. That makes for easy viewing of the settings.

Central Heating Switches

We have a range of 24 hour and 7-day central heating programmers. There is also state of the art wireless digital room thermostats. Cylinder thermostats for copper or foam lagged hot water cylinders. And, a wiring centre that enables these controls to wire up and connect at a central point.


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