Consort Quartzzone Quartz Heaters

Consort Claudgen Quartzzone Heaters
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The Consort Quartzzone Quartz Heaters use short-wave halogen lamps to produce instant heat for staff and customers. Inside or outside the heat generated cannot be swept away in draughty or windy areas. Just like sunlight they provide warmth to people and objects the moment they are switched on. This eliminates pre-heating and keeps running costs to a minimum. It enables large areas with high ceilings or open areas to be cost effectively heated.

Some ideal places for use would be factories, workshops, warehouses, churches and museums.

Consort Claudgen HE7915: 1.5kW (Single Lamp) (3.1kg) (H230 x D120 x W450mm)
Consort Claudgen HE7920: 2kW (Single Lamp) (3.1kg) (H230 x D120 x W450mm)
Consort Claudgen HE7930: 3kW (Double Lamp) (5.9kg) (H435 x D120 x W450mm)
Mounting: Wall or ceiling angular and directional fixing bracket
Mounting Height: 1.5kW 2.5 metres, 2kW 2.7 metres, 3kW 3 metres
Safety: Guard fitted
Finish: Dove white

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