Consort IPX5 Weatherproof Quartz Heaters

Consort IPX5 Quartz Heaters
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The Consort Claudgen IPX5 Weatherproof Quartz Heaters are perfect for heating outside areas. By using the high energy shortwave quartz lamps heat cannot be blown away. The rays from the lamps will be unaffected by any change in the weather conditions. They have anodised aluminium reflectors to transmit heat outwards to the target area. The open front means there are no restrictions and ensures the thermal effectiveness.

The many features of these heaters make them far more environmentally friendly than any other heater. Some suggested areas of use would be garden centres, patios, bus stations, aircraft hangers and garages.

Consort Claudgen QZWP15N: 1.5kW (Single Lamp) (1.7kg) (H125 x D125 x W480mm)
Consort Claudgen QZWP30N: 3kW (Double Lamp) (3.2kg) (H125 x D125 x W960mm)
Mounting: Wall or ceiling fixed bracket
Recommended Wall Fix Height: 2.3 metres
Lamp Life: Up to 5,000 plus hours
Cable: Comes with 2.8 metres of cable fitted
Safety: Wire guard fitted
Finish: Black
QZWP15N: 1.5kW heater includes parasol bracket

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