Commercial Heaters

Types of Heavy Duty Heaters Available

The range of commercial heaters we stock is wide and varied. Some are used in workshops, others in restaurants and supermarkets, and some of the larger ones in warehouses, airports and factories. One of the most common to be encountered when entering commercial properties are powerful overdoor fan heaters or air curtains. There are also fan heating convectors, high power wall fan heaters, quartz and ceramic radiant heaters. They are all designed with a specific task in mind. It is either to fill a gap in the existing heating system or provide a fully customized heating installation. (continued below)

Where Industrial Heaters are used

Heavy duty heaters are the first consideration wherever large properties or industrial units have to be kept warm. As we all know, heat rises and in some commercial and industrial buildings the ceilings are very high. It can be difficult to satisfactorily heat this type of open space but there are commercial heaters specifically designed for this purpose. When the right heaters are chosen, the correct level of warmth is provided for staff and customers.

The Brands of Warehouse Heaters

Designers and manufacturers such as Creda and Dimplex which are the better known brands, as well as Tansun and Consort produce some of the very best products. They are of the highest quality and they are built to last, because they will occupy some of the most testing environments. They are designed with size in mind because they will sometimes need to fit into some of the smallest spaces. With a range of energy efficient control options, they are environmentally friendly and therefore a favourite choice.


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