Cable Management

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Cable management involves the use of various ducting systems to safely distribute cables throughout a building. They can run from the main electrical intake to the top floor and furthest corner of a large complex. They are used everywhere in all type of building including factories, hospitals and office blocks. They are made from a range of materials such as rubber, plastic and steel.

The ducting can be in many sizes ranging from a small bendable pipe right up to large steel trunking. Some ducting is functional and hidden away above false ceilings and under floor spaces. Other systems such as dado and skirting trunking are decorative and perfectly at home in more prestigious surroundings. Cable management systems protect cables and provide an easy means of distributing lighting and power circuits. (continued below)

Flexible Conduit

A light duty flexible conduit with a level of crush resistance that is better used in out-of-the-way locations where minimal disturbance is anticipated.

Pliable Conduit

Often used in machine shops, the PVC covered pliable conduit can link from wall mounted isolating switches to free standing electrical equipment. This will allow the cables within the conduit to operate without fear of damage or interference from vibration.

Electrical Conduit

We have a range of plastic electrical conduit and accessories for use in commercial applications where the risk of crushing is small. There is also a range of steel conduit and accessories that is more suited to factory installations where there is a much higher risk to the conduit and the cables.

Cable Trunking

Our cable trunking is available in a wide range of profiles and should fulfil your every requirement. We have desk top level dado trunking and floor level skirting trunking. There is a range of mini trunking and maxi trunking for use with just a few or a multitude of cables. Most profiles are available in white plastic with a range of accessories to match.


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