Cable Accessories

The Range of Power Cable Attachments

Our cable accessories section provides a range of products to complement the electric cable section. It includes a range of stock items used exclusively for terminating, fixing and identifying cables. There are SWA glands for terminating armoured cable. Compression glands and bonding nipples to terminate smaller cables. A selection of twin and earth cable clips, round clips and cable ties for the fixing of wire and flex. A wide range of connector blocks, grommets, sleeving, insulating tape and earth clamps for the support of cable installation. We have markers for the easy identification of striped and connected wiring. There are also numerous other accessories available that are all closely associated with the installing of cables. (continued below)

Using Cable Support Products

Support accessories are an essential part of the installation of wiring. They are used in the installation procedure for mains, sub-mains and final sub-curcuit cables. We have catenary wires to support heavy duty cables strung between buildings. Our earth cable accessories are used extensively for bonding and continuity. Some accessories are used during the initial installation, others are used for alterations and maintenance. They will all play a vital role wherever cables are used.

Quality Cable Aids

Our cable accessories have been carefully chosen from a number of manufacturers and distributors. These suppliers are well known to us, suppliers that we know and trust and have used for many years. They use modern engineering equipment operated by skilled craftsmen to guarantee quality results. The products are made from raw materials of the finest quality to ensure a first class finish. As part of the quality control procedure, every item is carefully inspected to ensure any defective parts are detected. This way we hope to provide a range of accessories that are both economical and of the highest quality.


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