CFLS DE 10W 13W 18W 26W 4 Pin Low Energy Bulbs

GE Biax D/E 4 pin energy saving light bulbs with push fit base
Quality branded lamps from £1.75.
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Equivalent CFLs -

Osram Dulux DE
Radium Ralux DE
GE Biax DE
Philips PLC 4 Pin
Sylvania Lynx DE 4 Pin

The CFLS DE 10W 103mm 4 Pin G24q-1 low energy bulbs are ideal for general or secondary lighting applications and well suited to office or retail environments.

The compact 13W 131mm G24q-1 bulb has minimal dimensions so will fit into some of the smallest luminaires and down lighters and provide a very economical source of light.

The 18W 146mm G24q-2 lamps have ten times the life span of a standard light bulb with the same brightness, they are fully dimmable and can be controlled by solar energy, ac power or battery.

The 26W 165mm G24q-3 lamp is very popular because it is equal to a nornal lamp of approxamatly 150 Watt. It can be included in major applications as well as battery powered emergency lighting.



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