CFL D 10W 13W 18W 26W 2 Pin Fluorescent Bulbs

GE Biax D 2 pin energy saving lamps with square base
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Equivalent CFLs -

Osram Dulux D
Radium Ralux D
GE Biax D
Philips PLC 2 Pin
Sylvania Lynx D 2 Pin

The compact CFL D 10W 110mm 2 Pin G24d-1 fluorescent bulbs in 827 830 840 shades of white are the smallest of the D range and are perfect for use with downlights and mini luminaires.

When operated with electronic control gear the 13W 138mm G24d-1 lamps omit a glowing comfortable light and are therefore ideal for use in hotels and restaurants.

The 18W 153mm G24d-2 bulb will use only 25 percent of the power compared with standard bulbs, so they are very economical when used over long periods of time.

The 26W 172mm G24d-3 lamp is a good choice of lamp as they provide excellent colour rendering. The bulbs are available in colours 840, 830 and 827 and will give a warm or bright light and are ideal for use in slimline luminaires.

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