CFL Bulbs

CFL Bulbs – Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Compact fluorescent lamps are better known to most of us as CFL bulbs. They are now a common sight, as virtually every home and business is using them to some degree. That is not surprising because, for many reasons, they are a far better lamp than the incandescent variety. (continued below)

PLS 5W 7W 9W 11W 2 Pin G23 Fluorescent Lampsmore...

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PLSE 5W 7W 9W 11W 4 Pin 2G7 CFL Lampsmore...

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CFL D 10W 13W 18W 26W 2 Pin Fluorescent Bulbsmore...

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PLL L 18W 24W 4 Pin 2G11 Fluorescent Light Bulbsmore...

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PLL L 36W 40W 55W 4 Pin 2G11 Fluorescent Light Bulbsmore...

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PLT T 18W 26W 2 Pin Energy Saving Lampmore...

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PLTE TE 13W 18W 26W 32W 4 Pin CFL Bulbsmore...

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PLTE TE 42W 168mm 4 Pin GX24q-4 CFL Bulbsmore...

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DF F 18W 24W 36W 4 Pin 2G10 Compact Fluorescent Lampsmore...

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2D 16W 2 and 4 Pin 3500K 835 Lampsmore...

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2D 28W 2 and 4 Pin 3500K 835 Lampsmore...

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2D 38W 4 Pin GR10q 3500K 835 Lampsmore...

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Fluorescent Lamps Last Longer

One advantage of using fluorescent lamps is they last a lot longer than standard household lamps. Many of these CFL bulbs have a service life of 10,000 hours compared with 1,000 hours for the incandescent bulbs. As you can see they last 10 times longer.

Once they are installed you can virtually leave them until they need replacing. They are excellent for use in bulkhead lights especially those that are not easily reached. They greatly extend the period between setting up steps or towers for re-lamping.

There are many other advantages to CFL bulbs especially if you have a lot of lighting to maintain.

CFL Lamps Save Time And Money

Another benefit is that CFL bulbs will save you as much as 75% off your current lighting costs. CFL lamps will also save you the time you would have spent replacing the unreliable filament lamps.

Having to change dead bulbs can be very irritating when you are busy. This is especially true if you don’t have a maintenance man to do the work for you.

Energy Saving Lamps Reduce Overheating

CFL bulbs generate far less heat than filament lamps and are therefore less destructive. A continuous buildup of heat in enclosed luminaires can cause cables and lampholders to become brittle and crack.

Because of the energy saving lamps lower operating temperature, this type of damage is greatly reduced. If cables entering the light fitting are sleeved and protected, there will be no damage at all.

CFLs – Replace With The Same Wattage As The One Remove

When you order CFLs (except bayonet and screw-in) always order the same wattage as the lamp you are replacing. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, for some CFL bulbs the plug-in lampholder is 'slightly' different for each wattage. For the PL-C/E 4 Pin the 10W and 13W have a G24q-1 lampholder, the 18W a G24q-2 and the 26W a G24q-3. This only becomes apparent on close inspection and prevents the wrong wattage CFL bulbs being used.

Secondly, with some CFLs a higher wattage will mean a longer lamp. The PL-L lamps all have a 2G11 lampholder, have five assorted wattages and almost all of them are different in length. Obviously, a higher wattage lamp may not fit into the light fitting.

Thirdly, by choosing a higher wattage it may damage the electronic ballast inside the light fitting. A lower wattage could mean it will not work at all.

The advantages of CFL bulbs are, they will save you time and money. Below you can find out about the benefits and details of each lamp.

2D Lamps 2 and 4 Pin

The 2D lamps in 16W, 28W and 38W are available with 2 pins and 4 pins in colour 3500K. The 2D lamps are made in three sizes so they fit comfortably into small, medium and large bulkhead lights.

The 16W and 28W are frequently used in disc-shaped luminaires, to light stairwells and corridors in commercial buildings. They are also the perfect shape for use in shallow light fittings that are used for low ceiling applications. The shape of the 2D lamps ensures that even at low level they will provide a good even spread of light.

The larger 38W lamp is generally used in the big square more functional bulkhead. You will see these in areas where practicality is more important than appearance. This could be basements, boiler rooms, storage rooms or underground car parks. The powerful 38W 2D lamps are very effective at lighting up this kind of environment.

They are easy to fit or remove by either pushing in or pulling out of the GR8 or GR10q lampholder.

PLS 2 and 4 Pin Fluorescent Bulbs

The PL-S (2 pin) and PL-S/E (4 pin) is available in 5W, 7W, 9W and 11W with a G23 and 2G7 base. They are one of the smaller fluorescent bulbs, so ideal for use in secondary lighting applications. The extra low wattage makes them very economical to use.

You will find them in brick lights, staircase lights and emergency lighting signs. They can also be used in small PL downlighters to light medium sized rooms.

These fluorescent bulbs are also available for a range of special uses. They include a germicidal version for pond filter and photochemical applications. A blacklight blue version for the detection of forged bank notes. And, a blacklight for use in the hygiene industry where they are used in fly killers.

PLC 2 and 4 Pin Low Energy Bulbs

The PL-C (2 pin) and PL-C/E (4 pin) are made in 10W, 13W, 18W and 26W. They are probably the most popular of all the plug-in low energy bulbs. They are short, slim and bright, making them the perfect lamp.

Where applicable you can easily fit two of these lamps into a medium sized bulkhead light. Because of this, they are a favourite with manufacturers who install them in a wide range of luminaires. They are frequently used in circular, square and rectangular bulkheads.

They are also used in commercial downlights and even space restrictive picture lights. They are very versatile low energy bulbs for use in residential, office, airport, restaurant and hotel applications. If you intend to use these CFL bulbs make sure your light fitting has one or two of the G24d or G24q lampholders.

PLL 4 Pins In Line – Low Energy Light Bulbs

The PL-L (4 pin) low energy light bulbs come in 18W, 24W, 36W, 40W and 55W.

They have the same output as fluorescent tubes of the same wattage but are less than half as long. Also, they are far more streamlined than the U-shaped fluorescent tubes. This makes them suitable for a wider range of applications.

Their length of between 217mm and 533mm makes them ideal for small and large light fittings. The shorter of these PL-L low energy light bulbs can be used in rectangular bulkheads to ensure a good distribution of light.

The longer 40W and 55W versions have been designed for use in specific luminaires. These include linear and 600mm x 600mm recessed and surface modulars. We are all familiar with these, they are very commonly used in drop ceilings in office blocks.

To use the PL-L low energy light bulbs, you will have to make sure the light fitting has the 2G11 lampholder.

PLT 2 and 4 Pin Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

The PL-T (2 pin) is available in 18W and 26W, the PL-T/E (4 pin) in 13W, 18W, 26W, 32W and another PL-T/E (4 pin) in 42W. They usually have hexagonal shaped bases with a triple turn of fluorescent tube. The 2 pin base will stop the 4 pin lamp accidentally being installed.

These energy efficient light bulbs are about two-thirds as long as the PL-C and PL-C/E lamps of the same wattage. This means they are able to concentrate light output to a small area for specialist applications. These CFL bulbs are perfect for use in high-performance PL downlights where extra light is needed.

The 32W and 42W CFL bulbs provide that bit of additional light that other compacts cannot. They are the two most powerful of all the compact lamps. The PLT energy efficient light bulbs can only be used in luminaires with GX24d and GX24q lampholders.

PLF 4 Pin Fluorescent Light Bulbs

The PLF (4 pin) fluorescent light bulbs are made in 18W, 24W and 36W.

That’s three different wattages, each lamp with its own individual dimensions. That means they will comfortably fit into mini, square or rectangular modular luminaires. They are also used in downlights, uplights and luminaires that need that extra low profile.

The PLF fluorescent light bulbs have a very unusual shape so are instantly recognisable. The shape, which is like no other, allows them to be used in special application lighting. They have two loops of fluorescent tube mounted side by side and two pairs of pins in the base.

They are widely used in hospitals, airports, hotels and many other public buildings. These fluorescent light bulbs can only be used in lighting with the 2G10 lampholders.


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