Burco Wall Mounted Autofill Hot Water Boilers With Filtration

Burco PLSAFWM5L Water Boiler
NOTE - This boiler is designed for connection to a mains water pipe.
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The Burco PLSAFWM5L wall mounted auto fill hot water boilers have a filtration cartridge to limit scaling and improve the taste of drinks. It will also help reduce maintenance and repairs and extend the life of the boiler. The body is made from stainless steel and controlled by the LCD touch screen. The water is quickly heated with a 2.8kW heater element to temperatures between 80 and 98 deg C. They have a range of settings including an ''Eco Mode'' to save energy and money. This unit is made in the United Kingdom and WRAS Approved.

Mains Water Inlet: 3/4'' BSP.
Max Water Pressure: 10 bar.
Water Hose: 2M (comes with unit).
Output Per Hour: 206 cups.

PLSAFWM5L: - 5 Litre (8.8 Pints) H497 x W344 x D279mm.

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