Burco Front Of House Hot Water Tea Urn

Burco MFC2T 8L Water Boiler
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The Burco ''Front of House'' hot water tea urn is one of two small urns for catering in this mini range. They are available in 2.5 and 8 litre capacities. They have been designed with a more upmarket look for use in display applications such as bars and restaurants. The lid can be easily removed for manual filling and when the water has boiled the urn is cool to the touch. They are both portable so can be moved or put in storage when empty.

They have a non-drip water tap to prevent splashing and reduce the risk of scalding. The element is concealed to make cleaning and descaling the inside drum easier. If it is switched on when empty the boil-dry cut-out will activate to prevent damage. The twist lock lid stops steam escaping and the integral carry handle makes transportation easy. The variable thermostat enables the water to be heated to various temperatures depending on the beverage. The neon indicator shows when the water has reached the desired temperature.

MFC2T: 2.5 Litre (4 Pints) H325 x W240 x D250mm.
MFC8T: 8 Litre (14 Pints) H530 x W240 x D250mm.

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