Burco Countertop Manual Fill Water Boiler

Burco PLSMF10L 10L Water Boiler
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The Burco countertop manual fill water boiler is very pleasing on the eye and therefore suitable for ''front of house'' applications. They are available in 10 and 20 litre capacities. The top cover is removable so they can be filled up using jugs of cold water. A 2.8kW heating element means the water will heat up in no time at all. They have an advanced LCD touch control screen which allows for better functionality and diagnostics. Just choose your water temperature settings and it will heat to anything from 80 to 98 deg centigrade. They have a chrome tap and chrome insert for the dishwasher friendly drip tray. The units are manufactured in the UK.

Heat To 98 Deg C: 10 Litre 30 Minutes - Fast Draw Off 75.7 Cups.
Heat To 98 Deg C: 20 Litre 60 Minutes - Fast Draw Off 145.7 Cups.

PLSMF10L: 10 Litre (2.2 Gallon) H568 x W344 x D464mm.
PLSMF20L: 20 Litre (4.4 Gallon) H689 x W344 x D464mm.

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