Burco Countertop Autofill Push Button Water Boiler

Burco PLSAFCT10LPB 10L Water Boiler
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The Burco countertop autofill 10 litre water boiler is for connecting straight to the cold water mains supply. They are made from stainless steel and feature a push button hot water dispenser. The water will pour straight into a cup which is ideal for self-service applications. The heating element is a powerful 2.8kW so will heat water quickly. The internal filtration system helps stop impurities and prevent limescale build-up. This will make the drinks taste much better and prolong the life of the boiler. The LCD touch screen means better control and diagnostics, which will give notice when the filter cartridge needs replacing. The water temperature can be chosen from between 80 to 98 deg C and there is an ''Eco Mode'' to save power and reduce costs. The boilers are made in the UK.

Water Connection: 3/4'' BSP.
Max Water Pressure: 10 bar.
Water Hose: 2 Metres (Included).
Output Per Hour: (10 Litre) 206 Cups, Fast Draw Off 75.7 Cups.

PLSAFCT10LPB: 10 Litre (2.2 Gallons) H568 x W344 x 320mm.

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