Air Conditioning

Using Air Conditioning at Home and Work

Fans, air coolers, dehumidifiers and air conditioning units are one family. At one time, air conditioning was only used in large office blocks but that has changed. More and more businesses are using it particularly restaurants and bars. But, it is being used everywhere including the home. Because a lot of air con products are small and inexpensive, they have become popular. It has become an integral and essential part of our modern way of life. (continued below)

The Capabilities of Air Conditioning Systems

Some air conditioning products only circulate air. On occasions that is all that's needed. Desk fans and ceiling fans will not cool the air. But, they will keep it on the move and reduce the stifling effect that hot air can sometimes cause.

You can use air coolers inside with doors and windows open. You can use them in marquees or even outside in seating areas. Dehumidifiers will not cool down the room, in fact, they will heat it up. But, they will dry the air making it more pleasant to breathe. Air conditioning units control temperature, humidity and the air quality within the building.

Types of Air Conditioning Equipment

We have a range of desk fans, pedestal fans and tower fans for everyday use. The Global ceiling fans come in a range of designs, blade sizes, finishes and colours. There are Convair air coolers and Honeywell air coolers. They will chill rooms large and small. Our DeLonghi dehumidifiers are all portable and available from a range of six. There are also three mobile Toshiba air conditioning units from which to choose.


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