20W 35W 50W 12V 51mm MR16 Dichroic Bulb

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The M268 20W 12V 51mm MR16 dichroic bulb has a 10 degree pencil thin narrow spot beam and are ideal for secondary lighting applications such as picking out and lighting up pictures and ornaments. They can be dimmed allowing full control over the bright 20 watt halogen light and are well suited for use in adjustable downlights and spotlights.

The M269 20W lamp has a 36 degree wide flood beam and are perfect for use where low levels of background lighting is required. You can use them to flood and illuminate garden shrubs, small rooms or put them in under unit lights for lighting work tops. They can also be used in floor uplighters to create special effects.

The M271 35W bulbs have a 10 degree narrow spot beam and can be used to pinpoint and light up paintings or vases and other ornamental displays in domestic and commercial environments. They are dimmable with the correct dimmers and better suited to directional light fittings such as track lighting and adjustable downlights.

The M281 35W lamps are ideal for use in bathrooms and other small areas where less light is required. With a 36 degree flood beam and a low wattage they are suitable for use in IP rated and standard downlights. They are dimmable with the appropriate dimmer switches and provide a crystal clear halogen light just like natural daylight.

The M249 50W bulb has a 10 degree narrow spot beam and are suitable for use in downlights or other light fittings, where the light beam needs to be controlled to highlight special features.They are fully dimmable giving complete control over the level of light required.

The M250 50W lamp has a 24 degree flood beam and are a good choice if a bright light is required for use in a confined space. They can be used in elevators and corridors but they can also be used in general lighting applications.

The M258 50W 12V MR16 dichroic bulb have a 36 degree wide flood beam angle and are therefore ideal as general purpose lamps and the perfect choice for illuminating open spaces and special features. They are fully dimmable with a bright and clean sparkling appearance similar to that of natural light. They are suitable for use in down lighters and track lighting systems in domestic or commercial applications.

The M280 50W lamps have a 60 degree very wide flood beam angle and is very useful in low ceiling applications as it will spread the light wider over shorter distances. They are dimmable and the light from the low voltage halogen lamps will enhance colours and metals creating a bright and lively room. They are a very popular bulb and can be used in most downlight and track lighting systems.



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