10W 20W 35W 12V 35mm MR11 Dichroic Bulb

Tiny cup shaped 35mm halogen dichroic 12v MR11 bulbs
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The M200 10W 12V MR11 Dichroic Bulb is the smaller 35mm version of the low voltage lamp. It has a 36 degree wide flood beam and is often used in garden feature lighting.

The M252 20W Lamp with 10 degree narrow spot beam are used to create special effects or in downlighters to illuminate special features.

The M221 20W Lamps with 36 degree wide flood beam are ideal for use in garden or house lighting where low levels of light are required to illuminate open areas.

The M265 35W 12V MR11 Dichroic Bulb has a 10 degree spot beam, are for use in fixed or adjustable downlights to light up pictures and other items on display.

The M223 35W Bulbs with 36 degree wide flood beam can be used in the small MR11 die-cast aluminium and pressed steel adjustable and fixed downlighters.

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