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Welcome to Cannon the online electrical wholesalers. We keep a wide range of lamps, timers, switches and much more. As a leading online electrical store, we provide the widest ranges. From the smallest plug top fuse all the way up to large electric water heaters. There is everything for the home, business, designer and many others.

Not only do we stock quality branded products. We also stock a wide selection of alternatives. So whether it's commercial heaters for business or display lights for the home. When it comes to making a decision there is always more than one item to choose from. What's more, everything we sell, it's all sold at competitive prices. The most competitive prices of any online electrical wholesalers you will find. (continued below)

Our Special Offers Section is Full of Surprises

In the special offers area, you will find all our discounted products. We list the 'end of line' items here. It's not all end of line, some are products we have received at special rates. Here, we pass these special rates on to you the customer.

It's worth remembering that the contents of this category are forever changing. So, we can guarantee it will always be full of amazing bargains. It could be something for your home or for your work. That's why whenever you pay us a visit, I recommend you always check out this section.

Your Electrical Office Supplies in one Place

Some customers of online electrical wholesalers buy in large quantities. But, many office managers only want to place small orders. Some only need one or two items for a small business. They may need a few extension leads, batteries or a desk light. And, they do not want to waste time searching the whole website.

To make life easy, we came up with the idea of putting all the general office equipment in one place. That should make selection easy. You will find everything you need for your office in this section.

A Range of Popular Light Bulbs

There are so many different light bulbs. The more there are the more confusing they become. And, that can make it hard to find the ones you need. The lamp manufacturers claim there are about 5000 variations in use in the UK. Some are in common use and others are for special applications.

Our ranges focus on the more popular lamps. Those for use in decorative, display and amenity lighting schemes. This includes mains and low voltage, fluorescent, LED and discharge lamps. There are plenty of other types available. There are lamps for every application imaginable.

Depending on the demand, we may expand into these specialist lamps, bulbs and tubes. When possible, we stock only quality branded lamps. Brands respected by those in the trade. There is nothing more annoying than fitting a non-branded lamp that blows the very next day.

Our quality branded lamps are very cheap. And, the more you buy the cheaper our lamps and fluorescent tubes become.

Most Brands of Electronic Ballast for Lighting

It is usually possible to replace faulty electronic control gear with an exact match. If you can change 'like for like' that will save a lot of extra work. Finding an alternative is not always easy. Especially, if it has to fit within the confines of the old ballast.

Even if you were lucky enough to find a substitute, you would have to drill new fixings. And, the cable connections may be different. They could be on the other end of the ballast. Then, of course, you may have to extend and adjust the wiring to suit the new connections.

As you can see, changing control gear is not always as easy as it sounds. We have a range of discontinued and current spares to help. Our online electrical store will be able to provide you with everything you need.

Hygiene Equipment for the Work Place

Our hygiene section will help keep your staff healthy. We have essential products for the washroom, kitchen and canteen. A clean working environment is crucial for every business.

Businesses have a legal obligation to protect everyone at work from any risk to their health. In most cases, this also benefits the employer as well. Reducing the spread of germs will cut sickness. It will limit the time employees spend visiting their doctors.

Time off sick can add up to hundreds of days lost for large companies. We have a range of fly-killers and hand dryers to meet the needs of most organizations.

Electrical Sockets and Switches and Dimmers

There are several ranges of electrical accessories and each one has its place. Some will be suitable for domestic and others for commercial or industrial applications.

The basic indoor ranges of white plastic are usually installed in homes and offices. The brass and chrome decorative ranges add a splash of luxury. They are best used in domestic or commercial settings. The IP weatherproof and metal clad ranges are more hard wearing. They can be installed in gardens, garages and other challenging environments.

They all have switches, sockets, spurs and dimmers in the group. Here you should find every accessory that you will need. And, when new ranges are introduced. This is one online electrical wholesalers who will be adding them to their profile.

Air Conditioning Units for Improved Environments

At one-time air conditioning units were only used in commercial environments. Over the last decade that has completely changed. Now they are as popular in the home as they are in the office.

Their popularity has been one of the main factors of driving down their price. The lower prices have made them very affordable and brought them within reach of most people. They can be a permanent fixture or portable and moved from room to room. They are not used only to cool the air but also to improve its quality.

Improving air quality can be achieved in many ways. You can use desk and ceiling fans. This will keep the air on the move giving some relief on hot summer days. As well as employing AC units. You can also use dehumidifiers, air coolers and air purifiers. This equipment will help improve your environment and the quality of your life.

High-Quality High-Power Extractor Fans

Over the last few years, fan manufacturers have focused on expanding their ranges. The top brands have led the way. They have produced high tech fans for bathrooms, shower cubicles and kitchens. They have also made improvements to all their commercial and industrial fans.

These improvements are both to the styling as well as the specification. Because of that, they have become very reliable. They often last for many years past their guarantee periods. They are all very easy to install. They are eco-friendly and follow the latest building regulations. We keep several ranges including Vent-Axia, Airvent and Xpelair.

Dewalt, Makita, Hitachi and Bosch Power Tools

There are more power tools available now than ever before. We keep brands like Dewalt, Makita, Hitachi and Bosch. These manufacturers produce new tools to make every job easier and faster.

The cordless ranges are the most popular. Power tools are much easier to use when they are not attached to electric leads. Tradesmen and DIY fans use them because there is no need for an electrical connection. They enable workmen to cut and drill in empty buildings without mains electricity. They are also used in woodland, open countryside or anywhere you need a power tool.

Power tools with electric leads are still available in 230V and 110V for building site work. But, they're restricted in their field of operation by the length of their lead. Some power tools like chop saws and tile cutters remain stationary. In circumstances like that, corded power tools are sometimes the preferred choice.

Lots of Power Tool Attachments

There is no shortage of power tool attachments. You will find one here to complete almost every task. Manufacturers are always designing and producing new cutters. They make work so much easier.

We now keep wood and masonry bits. Hole cutters for wood and brickwork. And, a full range of cutting discs. We do, of course, keep a lot of other attachments but there are too many to mention here.

High-quality power tool attachments are no longer as expensive as they once were. Most of these tools are very affordable even if they get used only once. You will find we keep the best range of any online electrical wholesalers. And, every attachment is very low priced.

Household Appliances for Every Home

There is a household appliance for every task. Most sit on worktops where they are used on a daily basis. They include a mixed range of products for cooking, refreshments, cleaning and communicating. They are in every room in the home. That includes the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and the lounge.

There are toasters, microwaves and kettles for food and drink preparation. Some personal care products for all the family. Steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners for cleansing carpets. They will clean rooms, landings and stairways. And, telephones, two-way radio, broadband and wi-fi equipment for keeping in touch.

By filling our homes with these devices, we are sure to make our lives so much easier.

Branded Kitchen Equipment

Our range of catering products will be familiar to all those involved in the preparation of food. They are well-known brands that have been around for decades. Brands that have stood the test of time. There are commercial kettles and toasters. A range of cooking equipment and water boilers.

We have enough products to cover the needs of most kitchens and canteens. You can make tea and coffee or prepare a three-course meal. Most products come in several sizes so there is something for the small and large business.

The appliances will either stand on the floor, fix to a wall or sit on a counter. For those with limited space, you will find some items have several mounting options. And, every product has a range of features to help make catering that little bit easier.

Water Heaters for Every Application

Wherever you are, you are going to need hot water heaters. It may be for bathing, washing cutlery and utensils or washing hands. There are many options available. But choosing will all depend on the size of the property and the number of users.

You can choose what's best from our range of hand wash units, electric showers and point of use water heaters. Each one was designed with a specific task in mind.

The hand wash units are very small and perfect for use in the confined spaces of toilets. Electric showers are quick and easy to use when installed over baths or shower trays. The undersink and oversink units have a large water storage capacity. They are best suited to kitchens in business environments.

Whatever the size of building you occupy and whatever your needs. We should have something suitable for you.

Electric Heaters for Home and Work

There is an electric heater for every kind of property no matter what the application. When used at home every room can be well heated. That includes the garage, loft and bathroom.

At work, whether in offices, reception areas and toilets. You will find most of our heaters compatible. They all have unique features that will enable you to heat almost any area. Fan heaters have low and high blow settings that will heat a room very fast. The convector heaters are much quieter and very popular at home and work.

Outside in the garden, infra-red heaters are perfect. They are great for barbecues when the temperature starts to drop. So, every area regardless of where it is can be heated. No matter what the circumstances, even when you're out on the patio with family and friends.

As online electrical wholesalers, we stock a wide range of quality branded heaters. We will always have something available to keep you warm, regardless of where you are.

Commercial Heating for Large Open Areas

Heaters in large working environments are nothing like those used in domestic applications. Commercial heaters usually have to propel heat over much greater distances. This is essential for heating properties like shopping centres and airports.

In open areas, they are usually fixed at a high level. Then, angled down to distribute heat towards staff and customers.

There is a choice of quartz, ceramic or fan heaters. The choice of heaters will depend on the size of the area being heated. It will also depend on whether they are for inside or outside use. Wherever they are used, when in position they are very effective and reliable.

Display Lights with a Decorative Effect

Display lighting is one of the most diverse ranges of all the lighting groups. We stock a wide range that allows us to meet the needs of most individuals and businesses.

Our collection of high-quality display lighting is from well-known manufacturers. Most are decorative and can be used in areas where specific items need highlighting. This includes any area at home or work such as kitchens, bathrooms and shop windows.

You can light up pictures or features in the home or products on sale in a department store. What's more, some are available in as many as ten different finishes.

Decorative Lights are Ornamental Features

In most cases, decorative lighting will enhance the look of any room. It will improve their interior far more than any other form of lighting.

In the home, it works better in some areas than it does in others. That is especially true of the lounge, bedrooms and hallway. These are areas that make the most of this type of lighting.

When matched with all the furnishings it can make a room stand out. Not only are decorative lights features in their own right. Decorative lighting lights up other features. They bring other shapes, designs and colours to life.

Decorative lighting is also a major feature of many commercial venues. The interiors of hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs are much improved. These lights are ornamental and add to the ambiance of any premises. They are very welcoming and designed to make customers feel at ease.

Garden Lighting in Summer and Winter

Garden lighting can look spectacular in the summer and the winter. In fact, it can make a garden look special at any time of year.

Garden lighting makes it easy to create special effects at the back and front of any house. It will light pathways as they wind across a lawn. Placed in shrubbery garden lights look amazing as the leaves move in the breeze. When beamed upwards into trees it will add a whole new dimension to the garden. When submerged into ponds it will light up fish and water lilies.

Garden lighting can also work wonders when highlighting gazebos, decking and patios. And, it can enhance hidden rock features and other special places. From dusk till dawn gardens can be lit for all to enjoy.

Security Lighting Helps Stop Crime

The number one priority of security lighting is to discourage burglars. There is no doubt that security lighting will stop criminals targeting your home. They do not like to approach houses with good lighting because they are easy to spot.

Criminals prefer to operate in complete darkness because it makes identification much harder. It can also be very reassuring for property owners when they approach their home late at night.

Business parks, office blocks and car parks also use security lighting. It helps to discourage petty crimes such as graffiti and vandalism.

Lighting makes it impossible for criminals to hide in dark areas. It makes it harder for them to surprise their victims. In areas with CCTV to detect crime, good lighting is essential. It makes identification of vehicles and individuals involved in crime much easier.

Outside Lights to Illuminate the Way

When it gets dark, it's a good idea for some areas to have outside lighting. It will allow people to find their way around without falling and causing injury.

When chosen well it can also add a special touch to both buildings and gardens. This type of lighting looks good in public parks and around commercial properties. Bulkhead lights, bollards and lanterns are a favourite choice.

At home, in the garden, it is perfect for lighting patios, doorways and pathways. Whatever type of outside luminaires you need. We are the online electrical wholesalers with the widest range.

Commercial Lighting Schemes

Modern office space demands the very best up to date commercial lighting. It enables everyone to enjoy their surroundings to its full potential.

It's a proven fact that improving the quality of the workplace, production increases. It's well known that employees will work harder for longer in the right conditions.

Fluorescent and LED lighting modules will help you create good lighting in offices. And, CFL downlights are very effective at lighting receptions, corridors and landings.

They are all effective methods of lighting office blocks at low cost. Modern commercial lighting will create the perfect environment for your employees and customers.

Industrial Lighting for Hostile Environments

The industrial lighting range has been designed for use in hostile locations. These aggressive environments include warehouses, loading bays, factories or anywhere similar.

The very nature of these sites suggests special lighting must be installed. Lighting in these areas will be exposed to harsh conditions and a manual workforce.

Industrial lighting is more than able to stand up to these challenges. As well as being strong, industrial light fittings are well designed. Styling, as well as performance, is of the utmost importance.

The new designs are far more attractive than the plain and basic designs from the past. They need to look good to match modern working environments. Our industrial lighting is tough, appealing and very well priced.

Flood Lights Make Buildings Look Great

Flood lights can have an amazing effect on any structure. It allows the owners to show off their property for all to enjoy.

Whatever the shape, there is nothing that will highlight special characteristics like floodlighting. Whether it's a bridge, house, castle or office block, the effects can be enormous.

Industrial, commercial and domestic properties can all benefit from this type of lighting. As well as making the property look good it will also provide a level of security.

A small number of flood lights can light some very large buildings. And, because the lamps are low energy, good results can be achieved at low cost. By using flood lights with photocells or PIRs, it can reduce operating costs even more.

Emergency Lighting Saves Lives

The emergency lighting system will provide low-level lighting in the event of a power cut. During the darker months of the year, it will allow staff to regain their bearings. If a fire is the cause of a power cut, emergency lighting is one of the best ways to help save lives.

Some emergency lighting will include running man signs with directional arrows. These are to show the quickest way to the nearest exit and safety. Maintained emergency lights will be lit full time. Non-maintained, will 'switch on' after mains electrical failure.

Both types of lighting will enable managers to take charge. They can lead visitors, staff and customers out of the building. Everyone will be able to leave the property in the shortest possible time.

Emergency lighting fittings should be all over the building. That includes offices, corridors, landings and stairways. We have several brands available so you can match one with the decor of your building.

Lighting Controls and Accessories

Many buildings have hundreds of light fittings that remain 'on' for long periods of time. Some are lighting rooms and hallways that are only occupied for short spells.

In areas that are not used, this is an enormous waste of electricity. To make things worse, many of these buildings leave their lighting 'on' right through the night.

These days, there are plenty of lighting controls available. You can manage lights so this need not happen. You can program them to switch 'off' lighting if no-one is in that part of the building.

The PIR occupancy switches can sense if an area is being used. They will keep lights running only if the area is in use and will switch 'off' if it is not.

Lighting can also dim with daylight linked dimmers. This will not only switch lights on in a room when occupied. It will also dim them to a natural light level.

When controlled, most lights can in one way or another help you save money.

Controllers, Programmers and Time Clocks

Any electrical appliance or circuit that requires regulating will need a control. Every property will use controllers, programmers and time clocks of some sort.

Plug-in timers are popular in houses for switching 'on' table lights when the owners are out. It gives potential burglars the impression there is someone at home when the house is empty.

Other household controls are central heating programmers, cylinder stats and room stats. Or, if there is no central heating system, an immersion heater time switch.

To control outside lighting, there are several types of time clock available. Some of these clocks will switch the basic filament lamps. And, there are also the more specialist clocks. They will switch CFLs and fluorescent tubes.

We also keep a wide range of trade time clocks for use in commercial and industrial applications.

Security Equipment for Homes and Businesses

Householders and business owners are forever conscious about security. Everyone dreads the thought of a criminal breaking-in their property.

With unemployment at a high level, the number of burglaries is bound to go upwards. Houses are the main target of many criminals. That's because they have so many vulnerable entry points. Thieves will force windows and doors to gain access. Many homes have garden sheds which are another easy target.

Most businesses have physical deterrents such as roller shutters and window bars. But, there is nothing like a burglar alarm when it comes to deterring criminals. They know the sound of the alarm could alert locals and lead to their arrest.

Having the right security equipment installed now, will save a lot of distress in the future.

Fire Detection Systems and Equipment

A single smoke alarm is better than no smoke alarm at all. But, a set of smoke and heat alarms will alert you to danger much faster.

When a fire breaks out you have only seconds to leave the building. Smoke and heat detectors are the best way of ensuring your safety in the event of a fire.

For those on a tight budget, battery operated smoke detectors are quick and easy to install. If you need a more professional system, the mains voltage alarms are the systems of choice. They are available in hardwired and wireless versions.

The hardwired detectors need linking together with electric cable. Most of the wireless detectors do not. Only the first one has hard-wiring, the rest are wireless radio frequency activated. They are perfect for use where you have difficult cable runs.

You will find our fire detection equipment covers the needs of most homes and businesses.

Indoor and Outdoor Range of Extension Leads

Everyone uses extension leads. They're common at home, in commercial properties and on building sites.

The short 4-way and 6-way leads are ideal for use under desks. They will turn a single wall socket into many 13A outlets. With so much electrical equipment now in use, they are an essential piece of equipment. Not only in the office but at home as well.

Telephone extension leads are another popular item. They allow you to move your telephone anywhere without calling in engineers. They come in various lengths to reduce the need to hide excess cable. To keep things tidy they can run under carpets or clip along skirting boards.

On building sites, you will see outdoor extension leads run in all directions. Tradesmen of every kind use them on a daily basis. They are often used to power a wide range of electrical tools like drills and circular saws.

When not in use they can be wound-up and put away. They're easy to store in a cupboard or the back of a vehicle. We are the online electrical wholesalers of choice for extension leads of every type.

Temporary Lighting and Power

Installing temporary lighting is usually the first job on a new building site. For safety reasons, it's a vital job especially during the darker months of the year.

It involves rigging long overhead leads with lamp protecting cages throughout the building. The safety cages will prevent light bulb breakages. They will also prevent hot bulbs coming into contact with workmen. The overhead lighting is semi-permanent. But, lighting tripods and lead lights are completely mobile.

Site transformers supply temporary power to all the power tools used by a tradesman. On big sites, a large transformer is usually installed on each level of the building. The transformers have banks of 16A and 32A sockets. The sockets power lighting as well as any other electrical equipment.

We provide everything necessary to power and light building sites of every size.

Electric Cables of Every Type

We are online electrical wholesalers with basic and specialist cables. We keep a wide range of electric cables for every application. Some are for domestic dwellings and some are for use in business properties.

There are cables for house wiring, communication and networking. There are also cables for installing outside underground or for clipping to the wall.

Our cables range from very small right up to the very largest of sizes. Although they all have a degree of protection, some have more protection than others. Those with minimal protection may need enclosing in conduit or trunking. Underground cables may need covering with special bricks.

Our range of electric cables are some of the most popular everyday cables in use.

Cable Installation Accessories

This section contains everything needed to assist with the installation of electric cables.

After cable installation, there are many products that will keep cables in position. They include clips, cleats and bases for fixing to most structures.

There are clips and cleats for every cable. That includes cables that are large or small, flat or round. Because electricians use them with coloured cables. They make them in white, grey, black, brown, red and orange.

For smaller cables, we have self-adhesive cable clips for sticking to smooth surfaces. Or, self-adhesive cable tie bases for use in conjunction with cable ties.

There is a range of glands for terminating every kind of cable. Also, an extensive range of identification markers, connectors, tape and sleeving.

Here you will find every cable accessory needed for the installation of cables.

Cable Management Systems

To manage and distribute cables you need systems of ducting both large and small.

Cable management systems start where the main electrical cable enters the building. They will run up through and across the property. Some mount straight on the surface in plain sight and some get hidden away in voids and shafts.

The types of channels and ducts used will depend on the property. The design of commercial systems will differ from that of industrial systems. Commercial systems will include PVC maxi, mini, dado and skirting trunking. And, industrial systems include metal cable tray and metal conduit installations etc.

Cable management systems channel and protect large quantities of cables. They are compatible with office blocks, airports, theatres and other large structures.

We are one of the few online electrical wholesalers to keep a wide range of these systems.

Consumer Units and Circuit Protection

Our power distribution section contains a range of medium and heavy-duty equipment. It includes main switches, isolators, switch fuses and consumer units.

There is everything you need to control and protect sub-mains and sub-circuits. Made from a variety of materials including steel and polycarbonate. They're built to last and provide many years of service.

Most rotary switches are IP rated. So, often used to control air conditioning units on rooftops. They are also used in commercial kitchens, loading bays and boiler rooms.

Main switch isolators and switch fuses are in almost every electrical intake. They control the power to single and three phase consumer units within buildings.

The consumer units are available as standard and split-load. You can add circuit breakers of your own choosing. It allows you to build the units to your exact specification. Or, there are pre-configured units that contain a mixture of the most popular MCBs.

They are all designed to make installation quick and easy to save as much time as possible.

Cartridge Fuses for Lighting and Power

When trying to locate fuses you realize there are hundreds of types available.

There is the mini fuse which looks like a smaller version of the plug top fuse. You don't see them very often, they're used in shaver sockets and programmers.

The one that we are all familiar with and in common use is, of course, the plug top fuse.

Other types are the glass fuses for protecting delicate circuits.

The bottle fuses that are actually shaped like a bottle and used in controls and machinery.

The barrel fuses with fixing lugs. They're used in commercial and industrial consumer units.

And, the motor rated fuses. They're used almost only in workshops to protect machinery and other equipment.

We keep a good selection of fuses and we are adding new ones to our range all the time.

Electrical Cabinets and Enclosures

We have electrical cabinets and enclosures in every size. They range from the very small to the very large. The shapes include round, square and rectangular in various depths. They're made of metal and PVC with a black, white, grey or galvanised finish.

Some have IP weatherproof ratings for use outdoors. This could be basic splash proof or for mounting in heavy rain.

There are black enamel and galvanised pressed steel boxes for use indoors. They're used in conduit systems or mounted on trunking. They can all house various electrical components and equipment. Or, used for the termination of cables.

The surface mounting electrical cabinets will accommodate meters and consumer units. They are all very strong and provide a high degree of protection from all kinds of hazards.

Batteries for Home and Business

Batteries power a wide range of electrical devices both at home and at work. They're used every day to open car doors and switch on TVs. They can power children's toys and a whole range of other household devices.

Businesses use emergency lighting battery packs. They will power up luminaires in the event of a fire or power cut. They also use them in burglar alarm and fire alarm systems.

We keep batteries to cover most of these applications. We are online electrical wholesalers committed to an in-depth range. That includes general purpose, remote control and electronic batteries.

We have domestic, commercial and industrial batteries in stock now!

Advanced Test Equipment

Electricians and engineers all need test equipment. They need it to check and maintain the products and circuits they install.

Everything will need testing before it's connected to a live electrical supply. Furthermore, any adjustments or additions to circuitry will also need testing.

To do this the makers of test equipment produce extensive ranges. You can buy individual test meters. Or, you can buy kits of two or more items presented in protective carry cases. This makes them easy to transport and store when, not in use.

They will enable you to carry out a complete range of checks inline with all the latest regulations. You will be able to test everything from a 13A socket to a complete electrical installation.

Electricians Tools and Tool Bags

The tools we stock are of an expert quality which means they're made to last. They're designed to stand up to constant everyday use by tradesmen on building sites.

They're used by the DIY enthusiast at home. Regardless of the high quality. They are still within the price range of the DIY user as well as the professional tradesman.

We keep a lot of tools for the electrical trade, but we also keep tools for other trades as well. The electrician's tools include insulated pliers, croppers, side cutters as well as screwdrivers. And, many other small hand tools.

Some of these tools provide high voltage protection. These safeguards are essential for electricians working on electric cables and other components.

Apart from specialist electricians tools. There are also hammers, files, chisels, spanners, grips and tool bags.

Our range will grow as we continue to include new lines whenever they're developed.

Our Range of Screws, Washers, Nuts and Bolts

A good range of fixings are essential for those in the construction industry. Workmen use millions of screws, washers, nuts and bolts every day.

The most popular of these are the pozi-drive wood screws with a countersunk head. They're used by tradesmen and householders for a wide range of jobs.

There are fixings for electricians, plumbers, carpenters, builders and other trades. They include self-tapping, machine, pan head, wood screws and a few more. They're finished in bright chrome, brass, zinc, black japanned, galvanized and steel.

Most have pozi or slotted heads to fit screwdrivers and power tool bits. Each one of these fixings has it's own specialist applications. They will fix inside or outside to wood, brick or plasterboard.

Easy to use Online Website

We are one of the few online electrical wholesalers to split our products into forty easy to use groups.

You can click on one of the picture boxes and a page will open. It will then display all the sub-categories within that section. For instance, by clicking on the picture of the lamp, you will enter the light bulb section.

From there, you can select any group. Then choose the wattage, colour and quantity. Now proceed to checkout to make a secure online payment. Your order will then follow shortly by post.

If you prefer you can click on the left-hand product list to enter the category from there.

Our Service to You - Order online twenty-four seven

Our customers are important, so our service to you is a priority.

From the very beginning (est 1986) when we opened our electrical warehouse. A focused and dedicated workforce has been uppermost on our mind. So, all staff receives the highest level of training of any electrical distributors. This is to ensure our customers get the very best care within our industry.

Specialist training is always provided for certain ranges. Ranges such as domestic and commercial extractor fans. And, our very extensive range of cartridge fuses. We provide it so that our customer's questions have answers. The extra training usually helps our customers find what they are looking for.

We also have a reputation as online electrical wholesalers who locate special items. Products that are not listed on our website. This enhances our reputation for being friendly and approachable.

For more information you can call us between 8am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. You can place orders on our website 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.

Delivered to your Door - Home or Work

As busy online electrical wholesalers. We have negotiated special delivery rates with our extensive network of carriers.

For those who want an electrical wholesalers near me, we are only a delivery service away. All orders, large or small get delivered direct to your door in most areas on the UK mainland.

Everything's insured so there is no need to worry about damage or breakages. Anyway, everything is well packed using protective materials. Especially, for fragile items like lamps and lighting.

You can rest assured we take great care with all your orders. Damage to the products we sent by a carrier is very unusual.


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