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Welcome to Cannon the online electrical wholesalers with a wide range of lamps, timers, switches and much more. As a leading online electrical store, we are committed to providing the widest possible range of products. From the smallest plug top or decorative switches and sockets all the way up to our branded ranges of electric water heaters. There is just about everything for the home, business, designer and many others.

Not only do we stock quality branded products but also the most varied selection of alternatives available. So whether it's something like commercial heaters for business or display lights for the home, when it comes to making a final decision there is always more than one item to choose from. And what's more, everything we sell from household goods to trade items it's all at competitive prices, the most competitive prices of any online electrical wholesalers you will find. (continued below)

Our Special Offers Section is Full of Surprises

In the special offers area you will find all the heavily discounted products. This is because all the end of line items get listed here. It's not only discontinued stock but also goods we have been supplied at special rates. And, it's worth remembering that the contents of this section are forever changing. So we can guarantee it will always be full of amazing products. It could be something for your home or for your work. That's why whenever you pay us a visit you should always take a look.

Your Office Supplies in one Place

Some customers who visit the website of online electrical wholesalers will want to buy in large quantities. However, many Office Managers will only require enough general office supplies to effectively run a small business. They may only need a few extension leads, batteries or a desk light. We came up with the idea of putting all those basic office requirements in one place to make selection easy. We have tried to display them so ordering is as less time consuming as possible. Hopefully, you should find just about everything you need right here.

A Range of Popular Light Bulbs

There are so many different light bulbs it can be confusing and hard to find the ones you require. The lamp manufacturers claim there are about 5000 variations in use in the UK. Naturally some are in common use and others are for special applications. Our ranges focus on the more popular lamps for use in decorative, display and amenity lighting schemes. This includes mains and low voltage, fluorescent, LED and discharge lamps. There are plenty of other types available for use in just about every applications imaginable.

Depending on demand we will slowly but surely expand into these specialist lamps, bulbs and tubes. Whenever possible, we stock only quality branded lamps which are instantly recognisable to those in the trade. We realise there is nothing more annoying than replacing a lamp that blows the very next day. And, you will be pleased to hear, the more you buy the cheaper our lamps and fluorescent tubes will become.

Most Brands of Electronic Ballast

It is usually possible to replace faulty electronic control gear with an exact match. If you can change "like for like" that will save a lot of extra work. Finding an alternative is not always easy especially if it has to fit within the confines of the old ballast. Even if you were lucky enough to find a substitute you would probably have to drill new fixings. And, the cable connections may be different, perhaps positioned on the other end of the ballast. Then of course you may have to extend and adjust the wiring to suit the new connections. As you can see using equivalent control gear is not always as easy as it sounds. Hopefully with our range of discontinued and current spares, our electrical store will be able to provide you with your exact requirements.

Hygiene in the Work Place

Our keep clean section will help businesses provide staff with washroom, kitchen and canteen hygiene products. Providing a clean working environment is essential for every business. Businesses have a legal obligation to protect everyone at work from any risk to their health. In most cases this also benefits the employer by keeping all personnel fit for work. By reducing the spread of germs it will limit the amount of time employees spend visiting their doctors. Time off sick can quickly add up to hundreds of days lost for large companies. We have a range of fly killers and hand dryers in several sizes to meet the needs of most businesses.

Sockets and Switches and Dimmers

There are several ranges of electrical accessories and each one has its place. Some will be suitable for domestic use and others for commercial or industrial applications. The basic indoor ranges of white plastic are usually installed into homes and offices. The brass and chrome decorative ranges add a splash of luxury to any domestic or commercial setting. And the IP weatherproof and metal clad ranges can be installed into gardens, garages and other challenging environments. They all have switches, sockets, spurs and dimmers in the group to complement one another. Here you should find just about every accessory that you could possibly require.

High Quality Extractor Fans

Over the last few years fan manufacturers have focused on expanding their ranges to meet consumer demand. The top brands have led the way and produced high tech fans for bathrooms, shower cubicles and kitchens. They have also made improvements to all their commercial and industrial fans. These improvements are both to the styling as well as the specification. Because of this they have become very reliable often lasting for many years past their guarantee periods. They are all very easy to install, are environmentally friendly and comply with the latest building regulations. We keep several ranges including Vent-Axia, Airvent and Xpelair.

Lots of Power Tool Attachments

There is no shortage of power tool attachments and you will find one here to complete just about every task. Manufacturers are always designing and producing new cutters to make working as easy as possible. We now keep wood and masonry bits, hole cutters for wood and brickwork and a whole range of cutting discs. We do, of course, keep a lot of other attachments but they are too numerous to mention here. High quality power tool attachments are no longer as expensive as they once were. Most of these tools are very affordable even if they are to be used only once. You will find we keep the best range of any online electrical wholesalers and it is very competitively priced.

Branded Kitchen Equipment

Our range of catering products will be familiar to all those involved in food preparation. They are well known brands that have been around for decades and stood the test of time. There are commercial kettles and toasters, a range of cooking equipment and water boilers. We have enough products on display to cover the need of most kitchens and canteens. You can make tea and coffee or prepare a three course meal. Nearly everything comes in different sizes so there is something for the small and large business. The appliances will either stand on the floor, fix to a wall or sit on a counter. For those with limited space, you will find some items have several mounting options. And, every product has a range of features to help make catering that little bit easier.

Water Heaters for Every Application

Wherever you are, you are probably going to need hot water. It may be for bathing, washing cutlery and utensils or just washing hands. Fortunately there are a number of options available. But choosing will all depend on the size of the property and the number of users. You can choose what's best from our range of tiny hand wash, electric showers and point of use water heaters. Each one has been designed with a specific task in mind. The hand wash units are very small and perfect for use in the confined spaces of toilets. Electric showers are quick and easy to use and can be installed over baths or shower trays. The undersink and oversink units have a large water storage capacity and are better suited to kitchens. Whatever the size of building you occupy and whatever your needs, we should have something suitable for you.

Electric Heaters for Home and Work

There is an electric heater for every kind of property no matter what the application. When they are used at home every room can be effectively heated including the garage, loft and bathroom. At work in offices, reception areas and toilets, you will find most of these heaters compatible. They all have unique features that will enable you to effectively heat almost any area. Fan heaters have low and high blow settings and will heat a room very quickly. The convector heaters are much quieter and very popular at home and work. Outside in the garden, infra-red heaters are perfect for barbecues when the temperature starts to drop. So nearly every room regardless of where it is can be heated no matter what the circumstances, even when you're out on the patio with family, friends or colleagues. As an online electrical wholesalers, who are known to stock a wide range of quality branded heaters, there will be something available to keep you warm.

Commercial Heating for Large Open Areas

Heaters used to warm large working environments are nothing like those use in domestic applications. Commercial heaters usually have to propel heat over much greater distances. This is an essential requirement for heating properties like shopping centres, airports and other open areas. They are usually fixed at high level and angled down to distribute heat towards staff and customers. There is a choice of quartz, ceramic or fan heaters. The heaters to be used will depend on the size of the area to be heated. It will also depend on whether they are for inside or outside use. Wherever they are used, when correctly positioned they are very effective and reliable.

Display Lights with a Decorative Effect

Display lighting is one of the most diverse ranges of all the lighting groups. We stock a number of options that will allow us to meet the needs of most individuals and businesses. This is a collection of high quality fittings from a number of well known manufacturers. They are mostly decorative and can be used in areas where specific items need to be highlighted. This includes any area at home or work including kitchens, bathrooms and shop windows. You can light up pictures or features in the home or products on sale in a department store. What's more, some are available in as many as ten different finishes.

Outside Lights to Illuminate the Way

When it gets dark it is essential for some areas to have outside lighting. It will allow people to find their way around without falling and causing injury. When chosen correctly it can also add a special touch to both buildings and gardens. This type of lighting can be used in public parks and around commercial property. Bulkhead lights, bollards and lanterns are a favourite choice. At home, in the garden, it can also be used for lighting patios, doorways and pathways. Whatever type of outside luminaires are required, we are the online electrical wholesalers that are determined to provide you with the widest choice.

Cable Installation Accessories

This part of our site contains all the items needed to assist with the installation of electric cables. Once cables are installed, there are a number of products that will keep them in position. This includes clips for brick wall and timber fixing. There are clips and cleats for every cable whether they are large or small, flat or round. So they can be used with coloured cables they are made in white, grey, black, brown, red and orange. For smaller cables, we have self adhesive cable clips that will stick to smooth surfaces. Alternatively, self adhesive cable tie bases for use in conjunction with cable ties. There is a range of glands that should enable you to terminate just about every kind of cable. Also, an extensive range of identification markers, connectors, tape and sleeving. Here you should find everything you need to complement the installation of cables and a whole lot more.

Fuses of Every Type

When trying to locate a particular fuse you quickly realize there are hundreds of different types available. There is the mini fuse which looks just like a smaller version of the plug top fuse. You don't see them very often but they are used in shaver sockets and programmers. The one that we are all familiar with and in common use is of course the plug top fuse. Other types are the glass fuses for protecting delicate circuits. The bottle fuses that are actually shaped like a bottle are used in controls and machinery. The barrel fuses with fixing lugs are mainly used in commercial and industrial consumer units. And, the motor rated fuses are used almost exclusively in work shops to protect machinery and other equipment. We keep a good selection of all these fuses and we are adding new ones to the range all the time.

Batteries for Home and Business

Batteries are used to power a wide range of electrical devices both at home and at work. They are used every day to open car doors and switch on TVs. They can be used to power children's toys and a whole range of other household devices. Businesses use emergency lighting battery packs, to power luminaires in the event of a fire and power cuts. They also use them in burglar alarm and fire alarm systems. We keep batteries to cover most of these applications. We are an online electrical wholesalers committed to the in-depth stocking of general purpose, remote control and electronic batteries. There is also a range to cover most commercial and industrial requirements.

Easy to use Website

We are one of the few online electrical wholesalers to divided our products into forty easily identifiable groups. If you prefer you can click on the left hand product list to order from these groups. Alternatively, you can click on one of the picture boxes and a page will open and display all the items within that section. For instance, by clicking on the picture of the lamp, you will see a range of compact fluorescent and tubes. You can now select the group you require, choose the wattage, colour and quantity, proceed to checkout to make a secure online payment and your order will follow shortly by post.

Our Service to You

Our customers are important so our service to you is a priority. From the very beginning (est 1986) when we opened our electrical warehouse a focused and dedicated work force has been uppermost on our mind. All of our staff receive the same high standard of training of any electrical distributors. This is to ensure our customers receive the very best level of care in our industry.

Specialist training is always provided for certain ranges such as domestic and commercial extractor fans, as well as our very extensive range of cartridge fuses. Wherever additional knowledge is required we provide it, so that our customers needs are catered for and any questions quickly answered. We also have a reputation as online electrical wholesalers and distributors who will locate special items not listed on our website, which enhances our reputation for being friendly and approachable.

You can call us from 8am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday for information and place orders on the website 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.

Delivered to your Door

As a busy online electrical wholesalers we have been able to negotiate special delivery rates with our extensive network of carriers. All of our products can be delivered to your door in most areas on the UK mainland. Everything is fully insured so there is no need to worry in the unlikelihood of damage or breakages. Anyway, everything is extremely well packed using protective materials especially for fragile items like lamps and lighting. You can be sure that great care is taken with all orders and damage to any of the products we sent is extremely unusual.


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